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Towards servitization of mobility –Mobility as a Service

Markku T. Tinnilä

About The Authors

Markku T. Tinnilä
Department of Information and Service Economy

Adjunct professor, dept. of Information and Service Management


Servitization adn digitalisation are current trends that are influencing many areas, including mobility and transport sectors. Although these areas have been slow to start, they are now papidly being transformed by a large number of novel technlogies, services and business models. The growth of Uber has brought these changes into public knowledge. There are many trends facilitating and driving mobility services into more multimodal and digitalised era. One of the ideas is to turn mobility into service bundles combining several transport modes into one package. This mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) has gained momentum. This paper focuses on looking into servitization of mobility and transport services and defining the key elements of mobility-as-a-service.


servitization, mobility, mobility-as-a-service,

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